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December 2020 Charleston Receives HI-FI+ Awards 2020 Loudspeaker Cable of the Year

May 2020 Charleston Receives HI-FI World Five Globe Review

April 2020 - Black Rhodium Overture/Polka/Stream Cables Receive Hi-Fi+ Editors Choice 2020

February 2020 - Libra Classic Receives Hi-Fi Choice Five Star Recommended Review

'Wave USB is a very sweet and rich delivery for an affordable price' - Ege Tremonti                  'I think the Libra power cable is a very good choice in it's price segment' - Tamas Krajnyak                  'Charleston perform flawlessly and are impeccably made' - Hi Fi World                  'I love the sound of this interconnect (Operetta) and it comes at a fair price for a silver cable' - Hi Fi Choice                  'Stream mains cable is for me one of the best products in the Black Rhodium line up' - Janine Elliot
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